Neion is activating this year a new programme that includes a wide variety of activities. It addresses the guests of Neion, but also the locals and the travellers of the island and anyone that is interested in the program and would like to participate.


Neion act suggests actions and activities that bring the traveller in touch with the surroundings and re-activate the body.
The mountain of Skaroi and the dense network of paths and routes of the region are a good start for those who want to discover the mainland by bike or on foot, in groups or individually with maps that are provided at Neion.
Those walks can be combined with guided tours in the historical spots of the area or guided walks concerning the healing properties of the herbs and the flora of the region. Yoga lessons are scheduled for the concentration and balance of body and spirit, while considering that food is a crucial and osmotic part of the culture and promotes the communication, there are cooking lessons that teach how to prepare traditional dishes and beverages, followed by collective meals.


The topos of neion and the conditions that it forms is suitable for artistic actions and intellectual practice. Neion art has an inquiring character, it includes educational and creative programs and tries to research the areas between art and science. Artists and scientists are invited to present their work, organize courses, seminars, projections, lectures and workshops that aim to renegotiate the functionality in art and to bridge its gap with the contemporary viewer. The presentations and the introduction to the projects take place at neion, while the realization and the actions can take place anywhere on the island -it depends on the scale, the flexibility and the demands of each project and the participant’s mood, who can possibly interact with the local community and society.
Some shorter in duration events are included as well, such as film and video art projections, concerts, performances, exhibitions and artist talks and presentations.
The whole attempt is recorded and there is a digital archive where you can see the previous events.

Neion also welcomes resident artists (visual, media and sound artists, writers and performers) to produce any kind of outdoor or digital work and are called to present their work at the end of their stay.

Last but not least, as Neion is in Lefkada and Lefkada is famous for the magnificent white sand beaches and the clear crystal seas, a tour to the west coast of the island is a chance you shouldn’t miss.

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Any initiative or suggestion for any kind of project or activity is more than welcome! Do not hesitate to contact us.
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