artist talk: Quimera Rosa & Dolores, 10/06 at 20.00

Akelarre Lefkada (akolutha)

Akelarre Cyborg Book in the Lady ́s Cape // Project by Quimera Rosa + Dolores
This residency, this chapter, is about circles. This residency, this chapter, addresses the forms that fit into circles same as the movement disorders that the centrifugal forces generate into the bodies.
This map is about the circles that some witches sketched with Quinine fluids on white chalk, at the suicidal precipices of lovers, at the Lady’s cape of Lefkada. This map is a fiction­science project titled [Akelarre Cyborg]*.
What is Akelarre Cyborg? a multidisciplinary performance? A witch coven? A deconstruction of our sex/gender identities? Collective rituals? A connection between art, technology and life? A journey of twists and turns?
The covens were gatherings between witches. If we allow us to dissociate them from the religious definitions of witchcraft, as well as the socio­ historical readings, we find a set of practices that, through the manipulation of symbols, bodies, objects, signs and surroundings, aim at the creation / modification of the world, this assumption bring us back to the definition of the cyborg given by Donna Haraway.
Approaching from a feminist perspective, the claims of the latest artistic vanguards to remove the border between art and life, we can consider the covens as collective art performances. All the practices of witches, which themselves named as “the arts” or “art” today need a multitude of categories so as to be addressed, such as art, politics, philosophy, technique, science, sexuality.
Akelarre Cyborg is a project of research and performance that re-appropriates witchcraft to test the possibilities of a performance when applied the characteristics of a coven.
This residency is a book.
This book is a map.
A map of closure, where an improbable geography connects the Andes with Stavrota.
In this chapter, an improbable herstory connects Patri, the Dead Poet, with Sappho at Lefkada. As a circle inside another circle creates a map that started at the Andes and ends with AMORES, a collection of love poems exchanged between Sappho and The Dead Poet.
*Akelarre means coven, is derived from the Basque language. Aker = male goat and Larre = field, which means “goat of the fields”, is the place where the witches held their meetings and rituals. Although the word comes from the Basque language it has been assimilated into Castilian language, both languages are being spoken in the spanish territories.