The island – resignified, the residential program of neion.

The island – resignified is a short-term residency project based in Lefkada, Greece.

The blog functions as a starting point, providing information through a virtual guided tour to the island. The suggested spots are chosen among others for their particular character and for the dense network of meanings and connotations of the places, the situations and therefore the groups of people involved. The notions implied by some words and the concepts some places stand for, may be crucial for the beginning of a project. This is why most of them are suggested as areas, not as single locations. Of course each participant is free to work individually and discover new spots through the exploration of the island.

Theorists and practitioners from multiple disciplines (from the fields of performance, media, sound, land, in situ, site and situation specific, relational and participatory art, music, literature, theatre, dance, architecture and scientists from the fields of anthropology, sociology, archaeology, geography, geology, botanology, ornithology, astronomy) are encouraged to produce individual or collective works and to get involved with the local community of the island.

Around the first half of September, all the realised projects will be presented in an exhibition in the city of Lefkada and there will be a guided tour to the chosen spots.

The selected residents for 2015 are:

15-30 May __ Maria Tzanakou
01-15 June __ Despina Nissiriou
15-30 June __ Louiza Ntourou
01-18 July __ Jacek & Ewa Doroszenko
20 July – 04 August __ Johanna Steindorf & Thomas Hawranke
05-15 August __ Anna Papaioannou & Tonia Makatsianou
01-15 September __ Bruno Barsanti & Girolamo Marri