Spring time and spring offers

Dear friends! Neion is welcoming spring and makes spring offers for all bookings from May 06 to June 16 (exc. 02-05 June). Book now and enjoy later a refreshing time in Lefkada at its best!

artist talk: Quimera Rosa & Dolores, 10/06 at 20.00

Akelarre Cyborg Book in the Lady ́s Cape // Project by Quimera Rosa + Dolores This residency, this chapter, is about circles. This residency, this chapter, addresses the forms that fit into circles same as the movement disorders that the centrifugal forces generate into the bodies. This map is about the circles that some witches sketched with Quinine fluids on white chalk, at the suicidal precipices of lovers, at the Lady’s cape of Lefkada. This map is a fiction­science project […]

Artist talk: Eva Giannakopoulou on “Doureio Yffos”, 30/05 at 20.00

Εva Giannakopoulou is presenting at neion the project she’s working in the frame of the residential project “The island – resignified”, “Doureio Yffos: Genderizing fictional topological inquiries: an introduction to island genealogies.” and is inviting you to discuss with her matters of origin, identity, locality, history, myth and gender.

Spring offer!

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