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The island of Lefkada is famous for its magnificent white sand beaches and turquoise seas, consequently, a tour to the west coast of the island is a chance you shouldn’t miss.

The mountain of Skaroi and the dense network of paths and routes of the region are a good start for those who want to discover the mainland by bike or on foot, in groups or individually with guidebooks that one can borrow at Neion. One can also follow guided walks and learn about the healing properties of the herbs and the flora of the region. Yoga lessons are scheduled for better concentration and balance.

Neion hosts the residential artistic project The island - resignified as well as other educational and research programs between art and science. Artists and scientists are invited to present their work, organise courses, seminars, projections, lectures and workshops that aim to renegotiate the importance of art in everyday life.

Some shorter in duration events, such as film and video art projections, concerts, performances, exhibitions and artist talks and presentations also take place in the guesthouse.

Neion organises but also hosts. Let us know of your ideas and relevant plans on events and activities.