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The surroundings

The region of Alexandros consists of Kiafa (Koklata), Alexandros (Mavrogiannata) and Kolyvata. Until the mid twenties Alexandros held one of the biggest communities of the island and had a big population. Some agricultural and rural activities of its inhabitants are still practiced. You can see cultivated fields, small vineyards and cows, as well as the ruins of two windmills at the entrance of the village.

It was gradually abandoned when its inhabitants built the village of Nikiana and because of the sudden rise of tourism they moved there or to the town of Lefkada. This is why the region remained untouched throughout the years. You can have an interesting walk through the old houses that witness the past time and the history of the village.

During the last couple of years there is mobility in the region and some of the old houses are being restored. The Club of Friends of Alexandros Figos, a local association is organising every year some talks and events, with topics relevant to the sustainability and environmental management of the area and of the island.

The mountainous part of Lefkada is very impressing, although less famous than the stunning beaches, which because of the strong tourist presence during July and August are hard to reach and enjoy. Starting from Neion one can hike on the mountains and the canyons, wander in the forests, visit the old churches and monasteries, other historical sites and the small villages.

Some of these locations are the mountain of Skaroi, the waterfalls of Akoni, the 17th century monastery of st. George at Kolyvata, the hermitage of Agioi Pateres, the monastery of St. John in the field and of the Red Church, the old neighbourhood of Rekatsinata in Karya, the plateau where the lentils are cultivated, the church of Prophet Elijah with the breathtaking view and the old American Base above the village of Egklouvi.